10 things to take away from David Meerman Scott

1. Create and understand your buyer persona.

2. Follow the Grateful Dead. There are great marketing lessons to be learned from one of the world most iconic bands.

3. Cultivate eccentrics.

4. Talk about the snow. Man there was a lot of snow. Keep it human. Keep it current.

5. Real-Time Marketing and PR.
6. Old Rules v. New Rules
7. Is this Popup Marketing?

8. “You are a marketing company that has a hotel!”… Lightbulb.
9. Beware of the snap!
10. Communicate with your buyer persona.

Having David speak with us has transformed our marketing identity at the Roger Smith Hotel. We are beginning to look at our business in new light with a focus on persona rather than product. Personally, I look to be a utility. How can I help you? I aim to connect with more people within the thought leader positions, the trend setters, the brands that are looking to expand their reach, and the people who actively participate in their communities. There are opportunities popping all over the place. Come share in the glory!

Voicenote DMScott RS Consulting by Panman

If you are still paying attention, now is the time to act. I look forward to engaging with you. Reach out. Become part of the Roger Smith Culture. How can I help you?


John Knowles

Director of Innovation