Hour: Minute: Second – TAA presents a performance art installation at The Roger Smith Hotel, November 12 to 18

Mindfulness by TAA
Curated by Ek Wongleecharoen

On November 12 to 18, 2012, The Roger Smith Hotel and Thai Artist Alliance are collaborating to create visual art installation, live drawing, and dance performance at the Roger Smith Corner Space.
The show will explore the specific challenges to spirituality we face as residents of a major city. Our daily existence is littered with distractive influences and alluring temptations. These everyday forces threaten or diminish our ability to find the quietude necessary for maintaining a healthy mental and spiritual balance.

In the performance, “Mindfulness”, an individual’s inner struggle towards clarity of mind is illustrated through dance. The title of the performance is derived from the Buddhist term Sa-Ti (English: Mindfulness) but it also alludes to the affliction of having a mind saturated with unhealthy distractions.

Artist will perform healthy and disruptive Sa-Ti throughout five days of drawing by composing large scale drawing/ painting based on inner thought and real-time event happening in those five days. The result will be a life size painting that capture hours, minutes, and second happening at the Roger Smith Corner Space.

Sarasin Chatwichitkoon (Painter)
Niramon Ross (Director of Photography)
Udom Surangsophon (Photographer)
Sukanya Cherdrungsi (Art Director)

Choreographic collaboration and Performance
Siras Nitithatsanakul
Ching-i Chang
Ari Someya
Gessica Paperini
Andrew Seagle (Music)
Duangkamol Bunyarittongchai (Costume Designer)