Building Relationships Through The [+] Network

It was January 6, 2012. A cold day in sunny midtown. There was a hand written “Thank you” sign on the door. It was a new year with a new space and great possibilities.
I spent the first two months trying to figure out what the space stood for. Google had recently launched [+] to compete with facebook and I was curious to see how Google was going to maintain it’s relevance in the marketplace. I was inspired by the [+] as a symbol. For me, I imagined it to reflect an enhanced experience as it related to what we were offering with our spaces.


The connection of the experience with [+]network led way to a new dynamic of how we think of relationship building with the networks that we currently connect with. To be the venue where people connect and do business becomes part of a long term mission.
RSPop[+] is a prime popup retail space in the heart of midtown Manhattan at the Roger Smith Hotel. The Pop[+] experience merges space with network, marketing and an opportunity to exist in the New York City market place. Popup vendors receive media re-enforcement for their brand, their experience, and are able to test out different ideas and marketing strategies.

The [+]network is a collection of connected individuals who enjoy bringing the right people together.  Through the [+]network we are able to provide access of services and resources to different networks through each other. As this network grows, business is done and relationships are made.

Marketing strategy:
Stage 1  – “If you build it, they will come”
Stage 2  – Build out the program that is useful to your business.
Stage 3 – Infiltrate network.

Include a call to action!


Connect with us to book a popup and inquire about availability, rates and other information about the program.

John Knowles
Creator of The Market at the Roger Smith Hotel

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