Arts & Culture

At its heart, the Roger Smith Hotel is a home for the creative and the curious. We are interested in championing the arts, spanning a number of cultural disciplines. We are constantly seeking new ways to engage in dialogues based on the art of storytelling, rendered as a myriad of cultural activity within the hotel.

As both an inclusive and immersive experience, the Roger Smith Creative Program showcases established and emerging artists by using the infrastructure of the hotel as its platform, from the rotating exhibitions featured in the hotel’s public spaces to the video art displayed on a dedicated in-room channel. Additionally, the art program also features a robust series of talks and events intended to draw together a spectrum of communities, building networks and exchanging ideas.

Roger Smith Roundtable and Roger Smith Radio need collaborating alliances in other cities and seek that. Local radio and mastermind gatherings build for us all.

Test the waters with us. Check out what we have done in the past. Create with us going forward.  It is a university. All of us as scholars. Join us.

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Arts & Culture