Bike Ride Anyone?

So you may or may not have heard of Citibike, new york city’s bike share program. Basically, they are rental bikes available in kiosks around the city, and they are everywhere. At ten bucks a day for unlimited 30min rides they’re cheap too. Here at the Roger Smith hotel, we’re surrounded by them. There’s one station less than a block away. They’re these kind of fat tire cruising bikes that are perfect for rough patches of road, and they come pre-equipped with lights, just in case you wanna take a spin around Manhattan at night. So imagine this. You’re at the hotel, and you’re hungry for Chinese food. No problem. Hop on a CitiBike across the street and ride down to Chinatown, park your bike in another kiosk and now you can eat the best Chinese you’ve ever had. The hotel is also only a few blocks from the east river bikeway which is car free worry free bike riding, and there are plenty of bike lanes around. So what are you waiting for? New York city is just waiting to be explored on two wheels.

Speaking of… see you later! -John Birdsong