Roger Smith Hotel Social Media Re-mix


In a conversation with John Knowles @RShotel, president of the organization James Knowles asks, “So how do we reach out?”. John: “You let other people do it for you.” James: “How does that work?”

The concept crowd sourcing content becomes a great way to allow for others to share your virtues. The idea of others taking your brand into their own hands might seem scary but when the public personalities embrace your identity the reach of your message spreads farther than you can anticipate.

The understanding and embracing of others to tell the story of your identity creates new levels of branding opportunity. The most important thing to understand is that our satisfaction is in you. The exciting moment of social media and the social internet is when an online engagement translates into a face to face interaction.

It is important to thank our friends both old and new for making the Roger Smith Hotel the place for everything Social Media. Thanks for being part of the Roger Smith Culture.
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John Knowles

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