Social Media And What It Means To RSH

It has been almost one full year since Phase II of Roger Smith Hotels’ on-line presence began. I say Phase II because Phase I started about three years ago with Roger Smith News, a video based website used to broadcast and share the inner community that makes Roger Smith special. Now that this type of communication has a name, social media, we find ourselves right in the middle of the movement.  As we look back over the last few months it is obvious how important all of our new friends and relationships have been in shaping our future.

Building Online and Offline Community at the Roger Smith Hotel

Any of you that already know and or support us have a clear understanding that what we enjoy most is you! We are in the people business ~ Roger Smith is not a person – Roger Smith is a community – we embrace our ethos and look to expand it everyday with new connections, new clients and most importantly new friends.

Talkin’ social media strategy from @rshotel with @bsimi and @pancity 10/2/09

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