We Now Have Complimentary Apple TV (& Netflix!) in Our Deluxe Suites.

By John Birdsong

Next time you come to @RSHotel be sure to ask for a suite equipped with an Apple tv and unlimited access to Netflix streaming (at 0$ additional cost). We think we are the first to offer this service to hotel guests, but certainly not the last. We work really hard to make sure our the guest experience is one “close to home”.  So if watching “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” or “Commando” floats your boat, do indulge.

Tip:  If you have Netflix be sure to check out the @Netflix_instant twitter feed. It’s a great source for finding movies and other content on Netflix, and if you have no idea what to watch…it can really help.

Hotel manager @EkRogerSmith at the Apple store (like a kid in a candy store).

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