Five Underappreciated Treasures, to Take in, in New York City

There are so many things to explore in New York City. Some things here are world renown (i.e. The Brooklyn Bridge) , while others have maintained a more cult fanship (i.e. Arthur Ave., in The Bronx). Here are five things to discover and enjoy, in New York City, that don’t get the recognition that they should.


5. 191st Street Passageway:

191_passage_1 191_passage_2
If you ever find yourself in the Hudson Heights area, venture over to 190th Street and Broadway, where you can find an underground passage to the 1 train station (located on St. Nicholas, just some blocks east). Along this dim but nicely lit passageway, you’ll find plenty of graffiti and artwork to gaze upon. It makes for a nice walk, before settling down for subway ride back downtown. And, for the record, people totally ride their bikes through the passageway.


4. Ft. Tryon Park

Before taking the trek from Northern Manhattan, however, make sure you stop by Ft. Tryon Park. This historic park offers great scenery to take in while you stroll or ride your bike along. Magnificent views of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge, in addition to the nearby Cloisters museum, makes this a good stop by for early-day sightseeing. To get there, take the A train to 190 St.


3. Citi Field:

citifield_1 Mets vs. Padres
Despite buzz among impartial New York baseball fans, it still remains ill-known that Citi Field is the go to ballpark, for a great time, in the five boroughs. This is an absolutely stunning ballpark, offering loads of light-hearted, kid-friendly fun. Plus, with a wide selection of top notch food choices, and Caesar’s Club offering a magnificent view of Flushing Meadows Park and the Manhattan skyline, Citi Field far exceeds its Bronx counterpart.


2. Red Hook:

red_hook_trolley Red-Hook-Doors-5
Take a water taxi from Fulton St and enjoy a day in this hip, quiet Brooklyn neighborhood that still retains some of its nostalgic charm. Take a stroll along Van Brunt St for a stop at one of the many highly reviewed restaurants (namely Good Fork, Hometown BBQ, or Red Hook Lobster Pound). At the south end of Van Brunt, you’ll find a wonderful pier to view South Manhattan and the East River. In the summertime, you can catch a free outdoor movie screening, at nearby Louis Valentino Jr Park.


1. The East River:

There’s much said about the numerous bridges and piers that overlook this river, but few speak about the river itself. There’s no shortage of locations (in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) to gaze upon the sometimes calm, other times rapid currents that flow along this river (sorry strait!). Hop on a Citi Bike and see more than you could by foot. Get a glimpse during the sunset hours, for a truly beautiful sight to behold.