Follow Friday Watch-list #FF @andysmith @basilpuglisi and @pamslim “Movers and Shakers”

Good morning on this beautiful Friday.There’s a lot going on in New York City right now. With the Cookbook Conference underway at the Roger Smith Hotel there is there is no shortage of excitement in midtown. On my Follow Friday watch-list I have a couple of movers and shakers who become guiding lights for me in a time of social action.

First on my list is Andy Smith who has put his heart into creating the RS Cookbook Conference. We are hosting a Conference surrounding the beauty of the cookbook and all it’s parts. Andy is a celebrated food author who has a new book that dives into the indulgence and passion for junk food in our culture.

The second person on my follow Friday watch-list is Basil Puglisi. A natural connector, Basil is the motivator and champion of the upcoming Social Media Action Camp that is happening on Thursday February 16th as part of Social Media Week, again at the Roger Smith Hotel… Basil runs DBMEI (Digital Brand Marketing Education) and is an elite member of the “Who’s who” of the marketing and social media sphere.

The third person on my Follow Friday watch-list is Pamela Slim.  The first participant in the Pop+ [+]Network, Pam came into my space and introduced me to a series inspirational people, who will change my path in life forever. She’s not just a blind connector… Pam is interested in people and their passions. The quality of personalities that surfaced in her presence has gripped my attention and has elevated the quality of my network. The word “Hotshot” has been a buzzword in my vocabulary ever since.

In a new year, filled with exciting potential, I am encouraged by the opportunities that are in front of me. It’s a time to be socially responsible and encourage those who are heading in a similar direction. It’s a great time to be inspired. I am building new relationships that I imagine will be long lasting.

If you find yourself interested in knowing more about what is going on here at the Roger Smith don’t hesitate to reach out. Share with us what you are up to and ask something of us. Maybe we can help.

Have a great Friday afternoon and enjoy the weekend.
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John Knowles, Director of Digital Marketing