HERE IT IS. Our Holiday “Tech” Gift Guide (because you might need a little help shopping…)

Pong Case

What is it? From the pong website: “Tested in FCC-certified laboratories, Pong is the only mobile device case proven to reduce your exposure to radiation while still protecting your signal strength”

Quick review: If you don’t like the idea of brain tumors and other unspeakable afflictions. This case is definitely for you. Wired thought this product was hogwash, so they took it to a radiation lab and did there own tests. They ate their words in this article here. Yes, it’s unproven that electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, but you’re also part of the biggest science experiment in history…so…yeah just get this one, and get one for yourself while you’re at it!

Logitech Bluetooth Boombox

What is it? A $100 bluetooth capable wireless boombox. Six hours of power and no cords? DANCE PARTY. You can DJ with your smartphone or tablet up to 33 feet away.

Quick review: I bought one of a couple months ago, and it blows the Jawbone Jambox (another Bluetooth speaker) out of the water. It’s form factor and design aesthetic aren’t nearly as sleek, but as far as sound quality and sheer power? Hands down. Logitech all the way.

Canon T4i

What is it? A sub $1000 DSLR for the amateur professional photographer/videographer in your family.

Quick review: Improving on their blockbuster T2i/T3i series, this camera now boast fulltime autofocus for shooting video, among the first in this type of hybrid still/video DSLR. With stunning quality at an extremely affordable price, the recipient of this gift will be well equipped with such a great tool.

New Trent IMP120D iCarrier

What is it? An external battery charger for mobile devices.
Quick review: We’ve all been stuck traveling and had our devices die on us. Charge this up and throw it in your bag. Now you can talk, talk, talk without worrying about your battery.



What is it? A sub $200 laptop!!!

Quick review: Everyone knows tablets are all the rage these days, but sometime you just need a real keyboard. ‘Nuff said. FYI this laptop has proprietary software from google, so it’s perfect for cloud based apps like google docs, web browsing, etc. Just don’t anticipate running windows based software, but maybe that’s a good thing?


Spotify subscription

What is it? Unlimited, mobile or synced music on your phone, computer and a stereo near you.

Quick review: Hundreds of thousand of artist full discographies. From Lana Del Rey to Hank Williams spotify has you covered. It doesn’t have some artists (like the beatles) but it has nearly everything including pretty obscure stuff. According to Wikipedia in “July 2011, the catalog provides access to approximately 18 million songs” Get in, get on and never look back.


Fitbit / Nike Fuel / Jawbone Up

What is it?

Quick review: These activity monitors tell you how many steps you’ve taken, how much sleep you’ve gotten, and…how fat you are. Just kidding about the last one, but if you’re ready to shed some pounds or just pretend your life is a video game. These trackers are perfect for you.


Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

What is it? An honest to goodness Global positioning system pet tracker

Instead of calling your dog…from now on you can just pinpoint where he is on  you iphone. Probably not the best idea, but heck if your dog goes missing this might actually help.


Touchscreen-Compatible Winter Gloves

What is it? Just what you think.

Quick review: These come in every shape, size and color you can imagine. Find ones you like and tap, tap, tap away on the smart device of your choosing (all while keeping your digits warm and toasty)


Roku 2 XS

What is it? A streaming set top box for Netflix, hulu, Crackle and others.

Quick review:  Fire your cable company. This thing’s a 1080p streaming media power house. I’m watching homeland on it right now. Access to amazon on demand, a channel store, Netflix and hulu subscriptions…it’s the new way to watch TV.



What is it? $70 two in one wide angle/fish eye lens adapter for your iphone.

Quick review: Give your iphone camera new life with this creative camera tool. Images look great, and everyone will think you’re cool. Well maybe not, but maybe your instagram followers will.