The Art of Customized Gift Giving

Constantly seeing what our guests take home, we tend to favor the presents chosen with care, thought, and a little custom touch. To provide readers with some suggestions, here some of our favorite evergreen gift ideas.

House warming



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A change in address can be quite exciting, and a wonderful excuse for friends to gift something both useful and fun. We are quite partial to custom address stamps, which can serve as stylistic signatures and pragmatic declarations for all of your loved one’s snail mail.

Casey’s Rubber Stamps in the East Village is the spot for visitors to customize this fun treat, and out-of-towners can find similar gems on Paper Source.

Birthday Party



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Why not show up to a birthday party with a gift for everyone? It’s funny, cathartic, and spews out party favors for all to enjoy. That’s right, Detective Holmes, we are talking about piñatas. Not just any, however, custom papier-måché sculptures made to look like the birthday girl, a little one’s favorite treat, a grumpy boss, or whoever you want.

Whether it’s for a soiree in NYC or elsewhere, Bunny Corpse can shape up exactly what you need.




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Candlelight is the ultimate scene-setter, especially on the romantic occasion of an anniversary. Le Labo Fragrances is one of our favorite NYC destinations for this straightforward-classic gift. Guests can head to one of their shops in SoHo or Midtown and smell the rosemary-and-eucalyptus rich Laurier 62, and orange-blossom Petit Grain 21. You can also get personal with customized labels.

First day of school



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The first day of school is emotional for everyone involved and the idea of sending your little tyke off with a generic Kmart lunchbox will simply not bring any magic to the situation. So, what about an adorable back-to-school gift of a personalized lunch box with his or her name on the front?

Grab a Frecklebox and leave your little one a loving note on the charming inside-lid chalkboard. For our New York travelers, Beatrix New York also carries a variety of cute pop-art lunch boxes and backpacks.