The Introducing Series: SEASON 2


The Window at 125 presents

The Introducing Series

RoofTop Dance Introduces 13 performance-based artists in 13 days


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March 3-15th 2013

As makers and performers, artists occupy more space than just the stage with their presence. They constantly inhabit public, administrative, economic, cultural, internal, and political spaces; in this way the borders that contain what it means to “make art” are often unable to resist the blur of the artist working within them.

These 13 artists, who represent a broad range of young makers and experienced performers, will exhibit their presence in this space for a full 12-hour day; how they accomplish this, what bodies and non-bodies they utilize to do so, and the aesthetics of that presence are entirely up to them.

Sunday 3/3                         Lindsey Dietz Marchant
Monday 3/4                        Amanda Szeglowski
Tuesday 3/5                        Deborah Lohse
Wednesday 3/6                  Ilona Bito
Thursday 3/7                      Sarah McSherry
Friday 3/8                          Jillian Sweeney
Saturday 3/9                      Mariana Valencia
Sunday 3/10                       Tony Carlson
Monday 3/11                      BoomBat Gesture
Tuesday 3/12                     Meet the Producers
Wednesday 3/13               Annette Herwander
Thursday 3/14                  Walter Dundervill
Friday 3/15                        Kirsten Schnittker

Each artist will occupy the space from 8am-8pm every day.


Lindseay Dietz Merchant

Gender Food will occupy the window at the Roger Smith Hotel with a series of ongoing durational performance installations.  Each one is unique and intended for people to view at any time, for any length of time.  Please stop by and stay for as long as you like.  Come back a second and a third time and take in another image or scene unfolding. The installation extrapolates on moments from past and present body/object investigations, “Inflatable Man, Evaporating Woman”, “Empty”, “Kissed. Slapped. Shaken.”  and “Burnt Edges”.  The feminine and the masculine, our sense of self and other, bump up against archetypes and social constructs of gender roles. A man and a woman repeatedly slap each other in the face, they shake, they tremble, they kiss. Hot peppers, milk, strawberries, champagne, wedding dresses, proposals, metallic ribbon – all appear and disappear as bodies move through the event.  Bodies inflating and deflating, a woman appears and disappears inside a giant dress, another slowly buried in metal.  We watch as passion blurs the line between tenderness and aggression, and suffering drives both pleasure and pain. 

Amanda Szeglowski (cakeface)

Amanda Szeglowski has extensive experience in live performance, contemporary choreography, arts management, marketing and non-profit development.  Formerly the Managing Director/Dancer for Ellis Wood Dance for four years, she perfumed with the company throughout NYC as well as on tour in locations such as Portugal, Germany, San Diego, and Washington DC.  Amanda founded cakeface in June 2008 so she could choreograph, perform, and produce live art as a consumer good.  Her ultimate challenge is making work that is sellable to mass culture without sacrificing artistic integrity.  Time Out NY quoted her as saying “We work with themes people can understand and give a damn about.”  That pretty much covers it.

Soon after the company’s formation, cakeface performed with the NYC performance art presenting machine, AUNTS.  The Tank presented the company’s first evening-length work in May 2009.  Since then, cakeface has been presented by Dance New Amsterdam, Movement Research at Judson Church, Dixon Place, Triskellion Arts, Hillsborough Community College, Rebound Dance Festival, and the Florida Dance Festival.  cakeface has guest lectured at the University of South Florida, and taught master classes at the University of Tampa and Howard W. Blake School for the Arts.

Deborah Lohse

Deborah Lohse is a performer, choreographer and filmmaker from Northern California living and working in New York City.  She received a B.A. in both dance and theater from the University of California, San Diego.  In 2010 she received a Professional Certificate in Filmmaking from New York University – School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  As a performer, Lohse has worked with Monica Bill Barnes & Company, Sacramento Ballet and San Diego Ballet.  Currently, she performs with Doug Elkins while continuing to create her own live performance and video work.  She has taught as a guest artist at North Carolina School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Purdue University, Milwaukee Ballet and Tahoe Youth Ballet.

Sarah McSherry

McSherry is an animal, a book, and a multidisciplinary artist and performer.  She does not understand how it is possible to be a person.

Jillian Sweeney

Jillian Sweeney received her MFA in Dance from Smith College, where she was also a teaching fellow.  Her work has been presented by the Chocolate Factory, and in festivals/showcases around NYC, including Danspace Project’s Food for Thought, DanceNOW, MAD, WaxWorks, Dixon Place, the Galapagos Art Space.  She recently developed two solo-shows – THIS COULD BE IT and IMAGINARY LINES in collaboration with Jeffery Cranor.  She and Jeffery are currently working on a new evening-length work, VULTURE-WALLY, which will go up at Incubator Arts Project from May 31-June 9, 2013.

Mariana Valencia

Mariana Valencia’s approach to choreography has developed from my curiosity in visual culture, travel as research, fashion and the histories of our bodies. She makes dances, installations, fashion and edits a paper that is called Rhinoceros Event. Mariana was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and studied dance at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. She’s traveled to Mexico City, Denmark and Belize for my work. In New York, Mariana has costumed for Jen Rosenblit, Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst, Geo Wyeth & Daria Fain. She’s received generous funds from The Yellow House Fund of The Tides Foundation for the years 2010-13 and has taught at classclassclass. Her work has been shown in New York, Chicago Massachusetts and Philadelphia.

Tony Carlson

Tony Carlson, born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, began dancing in his early teens.  Tony studied modern dance while attending the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Minneapolis before coming t New York City after graduating high school.  Here, he is pursuing a B.A. in dance at Eugene Lange College.  Since coming to NYC, Tony has had the pleasure of working with Michelle Boule, Neil Greenberg, Min Wong, Yvonne Meier, David Thompson, John Jasperse, as well as taking part in a Trisha Brown Dance Company re-staging project.

BoomBat Gesture

BOOM BAT GESTURE PERFORMANCE GROUP is a collection of performing artists dedicated to cultivating original works and new experiences of theater. Directors Jon Burklund and Ilana Stuelpner began work together in 2010, when they collaborated as students at Bennington College. Natives of northern New Jersey and Queens, respectively, they re-focused their activities in New York City in 2011, and were joined by former classmates Niko Tsocanos and Anastasia Clarke.
At the time of this writing, the Boom Bat namesake has produced six original works, including an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired rendition of a late night talk show entitled Cthulhu’s House of Z that was produced at HERE Arts Center in July of 2012. Other recent performances have taken place at Dixon Place (NYC), Center for Performance Research (Brooklyn), and Space on White (NYC) as a part of Snowballs! Theater Festival.For the past year, Boom Bat has been incubating their working process for the ongoing performance project Screen Eyed Baby Ice. Future plans include continued performances of SEBI, as well as the development of a new work for stage with an expanded group of collaborators.

Annette Herwander

Annette Herwander is the founder of VESSEL, a project based company.  A native of the wild Pacific Northwest, she has been making investigative dance since 2005.  It was there that she graduated from Cornish College of the Arts.  She has danced with various artists such as Edde Aficionado, Trisha Brown, Gaelon Hanson, Allie Tsypi, and Vital Dance.  Her work has been presented at BAX, Movement Research, Depot Dances, Triskellion’s Collaborations in Dance, WAX Works, Whoa Wednesdays and NACHMO.  She is a fully certified pilates instructor through the Kane School of Core Integration.  In addition she also holds a BFA in Painting from PNCA.

Walter Dundervill

Walter Dundervill’s choreography has been presented at Dance Theater Workshop, the Chocolate Factory, Movement Research at Judson Church, the Solo in Azione Festival in Milan Italy (via MR’s MRX program), and Participant, Inc.  In December 2012, he was one of the choreogrpahers in residence at the New Museum for MR’s Judson at 50 series.  He has received Bessie Awards as a performer in RoseAnne Spradlin’s under/world, for the costume design of Luciana Achugar’s Puro Deseo, and for the visual design of his own choreography Aesthetic Destiny 1: Candy Mountain.  As a dancer, Walter has performed for RoseAnne Spradlin, DD Dorvillier, and Keeley Garfield.  Walter is a 2012/13 Studio Series resident at New York Live Arts.  He was a 2010/2011 Movement Research AIR and a co-curator of the MR 2010 Spring Festival.

Kirsten Schnittker

Kirsten Schnittaker is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and performer who creates dances that question the act of performing, expose the individual within the performer, and push the limits of audience passivity. Since graduating from Barnard College, Kirsten has shown her work throughout New York City with REHEARSAL, Green Space, Dance New Amsterdam, Movement Research’s Open Performance, and BAX’s 2012 UPSTART Festival. She was granted a short residency at DNA in 2012 during which she created her latest work, uuhhh dance. Kirsten has performed with Kelley Donovon and Dancers, Katie Stricker, Tara Aisha Willis and the A.O. Movement Collective. She currently works with Yanira Castro and her company a canary torsi.

Ilona Bito
Ilona Bito is a choreographer, dancer, and educator living in Brooklyn. Her process enjoys collaboration with others and reaches into the internal experience of creativity. Ilona has recently performed with Kathy Westwater, the A.O. Movement Collective, and Sinecdoche Dance. She holds a BA and MS. Ed. from Sarah Lawrence College and teaches creative movement in several independent schools and arts organizations.



Come by on Tuesday March 11th and visit RoofTop Producers Edward Rice, Anna Adams Stark, Isabella Hreljanovic, Sarah A.O. Rosner, and friends in the RoofTop family – we’ll be in the window from 8am to 8pm this Tuesday! We’re excited for a full day of discussion, idea mapping, curatorial transparency, and interconnected arts bizness goodness! Watch and participate as the RoofTop Dance community unfolds!

All day:

Meet the Producers! Are you a performance-based artist? Come say hi and meet the Producers.  Artists are welcome to stop by at any point during the day, enter the space and have a chat with us about their work/needs/desires. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Tweet your questions to @RoofTopDance  and we’ll incorporate them into our ongoing dialogue about arts business, RoofTop events, curation, transparency, sustainable dancemaking, site-specific performance, and more!

Specific Events:


Listen in to a Rooftop Producers Meeting as we plan our summer season, and be sure to tweet us your thoughts and questions!


Meet the Audience as we ask passers by to come in and chat with us about art, unexpected viewership, site-based performance, and their desires as an un-usual audience member.


The Introducing Series is an initiative that creates occasions for emerging artists to be formally introduced by an advocate of their work and champion of their future career. Artists will come from a spectrum of disciplines, including visual artists to performance artists, writers to musicians, film-makers. The series’ constant is the principle of an introduced artist, the variable element is the appropriately diverse composition of each event.

Founded in 2010, RoofTop Dance is dedicated to fostering an adventurous artistic community by providing performance makers, long-time art lovers, and first-time audiences alike with opportunities to share performance.  Valuing engagement at every point along the creative process, RTD has produced two seasons of rooftop performances in Brooklyn, and will present their third rooftop season this summer.

RoofTop Dance is currently run by its collective leadership of five producing artists: Benn Rasmussen, Anna Adams Stark, Edward Rice, Isabella Hreljanovic, and Sarah A.O. Rosner. For more information about RoofTop Dance, please visit

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