The Singing Human Cactus: A Performance by Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno

Terrarium is a performance that was presented on April 23rd in The Window at 125 by Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno. Cooper and Moreno’s alter egos, Prickly Perry and Ross Ta-Dah, composed, condensed, and convoluted a site specific comedy/performance art/magic show.

It has culminated in an installation comprised of performance vestiges, sculptural props, video documentation, and a used cactus costume stained with the dried tears of the audience’s laughter. It will be on show in the space through May 16th. 

Watch the video of the discussion here


Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno both attended graduate school at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago after they met in a bar at Midway airport in 2003. For the past decade, they have been collaborating on performance-based projects that twist recognizable forms of entertainment into more ambiguous and bewildering shapes. Utilizing elements of stand up and sketch comedy, magic, monologues, improv, variety shows and Vaudevillian theater they create performative experiences that consistently undermine the viewer’s expectations. Fragments of the known are collaged, refracted, skewed-and skewered- into a retro form of post-comedy. The results are hilarious looking, but still slightly tragic, mutant hybrids. Ultimately a deeper entertainment experience is their goal and though their comedic rhythms are not necessarily a beat you can dance to, you may still find yourself shaking with laughter on the dance floor.

Watch the mini doc


The Window at 125 is a re purposed street level window space dedicated to showing emerging, unrepresented artists’ work to an unsuspecting midtown audience.

Location: Window at 125 on 125 East 47th Street, New York. Terrarium is viewable from the sidewalk 24/7.

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