Lenticular Art by Robert Munn and Sara Cook in The Window at 125


We are delighted to present two new artists in The Window at 125, April 2 – 18. In keeping with the Introducing Series’ recurrent objective of formally introducing artists (in this somewhat lilliputian, but wholly marvelous window space on 47th Street), Neke Carson was asked to choose an artist/s that he would like to champion for this program: He choose Robert Munn and Sara Cook.

3-D artists Robert Munn and Sara Cook create works in the Lenticular medium, an illusion whereby an image appears to change or move as the viewer observes the work from different angles. The work they present in The Window explores the range of mood, feeling and repetition generated by shifting color combinations applied to a lenticular three dimensional glimpse of the urban landscape, assembled as multi-image array.

Sara Cook is a Technology Pioneer & Artist from NYC who strives in many mediums including her pioneering 2D into 3D, 3D photography, Multi-Media Performances, Belly Dance, Choreography & Music. A second generation native New Yorker with a history of artistic endeavors in Manhattan. A visual artist who specialized in the art of 3D & Animating Lenticular & Anaglyph Imaging. She continues to create new works of art, her work with Depthography is seen internationally, & she has s a 3D Photo Blog on Facebook with Robert Munn.


Robert Anthony Munn has been involved with stereo photographic imaging since 1978 & lenticular imaging since 1984. He has produced innovative & unusual works in standard 35mm stereo formats (StereoRealist, View Master, wide-format 3-d, experimental three dimensional films, light sculpture, Hyperstereo, etc.) Mr. Munn’s stereo photography was utilized for a series of viewmaster reels created for the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. He opened the World’s first gallery devoted to Lenticular imaging, The Virtual Image Gallery, in 1992 and has continued to create innovative works in the field to this day.

“East Side Story: Variations on a Theme” in The Window at 125
Robert Munn and Sara Cook
Introduced by Neke Carson
April 2 – 18, 2014, viewable from the street 24/7
The Window at 125 East 47th Street

For more information, please contact Danika Druttman on 212.339.2092 or e-mail ddruttman@rogersmith.com.