LOST-SELF by PAIROJ PICHETMETAKUL (Pok) – Now Showing in The Lobby @RSHotel

Lost-Self, by Pairoj Pichetmetakul
Curated by Ek Wongleecharoen

I was drawn into Pairoj’s work when I first saw his Abraham Lincoln portrait.  It captured the soul of a man in what appears to be a time of hardship.  I feel that a portrait should capture the depth and personality of the subject without the distortion of reality. In some of his portraits, he uses a lot of vibrant colors that pop out of the canvas like a layer of texture in different dimensions.  Pairoj’s portraits provokes many questions about reality.  -Ek Wongleecharoen



Opening reception: January 17, 6-8pm

Roger Smith Arts in cooperation with Thai Artists Alliance is pleased to present Lost-Self by Pairoj Pichetmetakul. Lost Self: People live in madness. Somehow unaware of the grips of materialism. They desire, they want, they always need more and more, to the point that they lose a hold on their own humanity.

The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10017

Directed by Somchai Roongkon
Edited by Somchai Roongkon
Dop: Somchai Roongkon

Original music by Fieds, Shorelines and Hanters M83
Nola Nolee
Sudawan Saelor
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