Not just a Hotel… Not just a review company… A Roadmap for Social Publishing in Hospitality…

I recently was part of a webinar on social publishing which I found to be very insightful. Moderated by Josiah Mackenzie of Review Pro, the webinar made interesting observations regarding publishing strategies for the hospitality industry. The sharing of information in such a way will help lead best practice in online publishing.
Social Publishing webinar 1-2 by Panman

I was honored to speak and present with Josiah on Social Publishing and explore the current trends.  I appreciate the initiative to take things to the next level.  Sharing in the community will help improve business. Participation is key.

After learning more about Josiah and Review Pro, I know that they are not just a review management company. The dedication to engagement of ideas and process makes them stand out amongst their competitors. Getting to know the people, makes all the difference in their social strategy. I support their engagement strategies and look forward to participating and following future conversations. If you are interested in engaging with Review Pro and Josiah Mackenzie be sure to click through to the related links.

“Our culture is one of invitation. We use our video and content strategy to fuel the marketing in our business. The methods of social media will constantly evolve, but the dedication to community remains the same: Inform, educate, and encourage others to spread the word.”

- John Knowles

Thanks to all who are engaging with our culture.  Please do engage with us, as we look to share in the moments, and engage in ideas.


John Knowles aka Panman


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