“ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD” Directed by Claus Drexel – Cinémonde Film Screening Wednesday December 4, 2013

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, we welcome you to Cinemonde Soiree #36 with French filmmaker Claus Drexel for a sneak preview of his extraordinary French documentary, ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. The short film for this evening, JULIETTE directed by Maud Lazzerini, is also French. Both Mr. Drexel and Ms. Lazzerini will join us for Cinemonde #36 to introduce and discuss their work.

A portion of all ticket sales from this soiree will be donated to to ACE, the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless, more info here.

“On the Edge of The World” Trailer

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Our Soiree #36 will happen in the Penthouse and Screening Room at the top of the Roger Smith Hotel, 47th & Lexington in NYC, bringing together people with universal stories and warm hospitality. The evening kicks off at 6:30 pm with a gourmet cocktail reception featuring a specially-prepared menu of hors d’oeuvres, with open bar stocked with special wines and spirits. Our screening programs begin promptly at 8:00 pm. After the Q&As with filmmakers, we serve desserts and one-for-the-road drinks.

When you reserve a ticket for either Cinemonde Soiree #36, please tell us who invited you. If you forward this information to colleagues or friends, please ask them to cite you as the person who invited them when they reserve their tickets. Everyone needs to be invited by another “Cinemonder.” In this personalized way, we hope to assemble a diverse, insightful, enthusiastic audience for our cordial, yet private event.

Cinemonde is a private screening series of thought-provoking movies from around the world. Throughout the year, Cinemonde offers a line-up of compelling films, gourmet food, wonderful wines and spirits along with insightful discussions and great networking opportunities. All proceeds are used to pay for the organizational expenses associated with each event and to support valuable humanitarian efforts in our community. No profit is budgeted or expected. For an overview of Cinemonde, click here.