The Roger Smith Hotel Presents Dieu Donné in Lily’s

Amanda Guest, Sarah Kabot, Ursula von Rydingsvard
Curated by Bridget Donlon and Danika DruttmanScreen Shot 2013-04-29 at 3.26.55 PM

The Roger Smith Hotel is pleased to present Dieu Donné in Lily’s on the ground floor at the hotel.

The three artists featured, Amanda Guest, Sarah Kabot, and Ursula von Rydingsvard have all translated their artistic vision into the medium and techniques of handmade papermaking. Each is represented at The Roger Smith Hotel with select worksproduced in the Dieu Donné studio. Working primarily with linen and cotton fibers, Amanda Guest embeds paper within paper, treating the material as a skinwith powerful subtleties. The compositions are akin to organic line drawings, though not on paper, they are made in and with paper. Referring to the CMYK color scale and Rorschach ink blot forms, Sarah Kabot manipulates tools of standardization and categorization to create works that undermine both. Four separate sheets of linen paper pigmented cyan, magenta, yellow and black with a central inkblot image were layered, manipulating the registration and alignment to create a singular work. Ursula von Rydingsvard, best known for her immense sculptures in cedar, created a series of intimate works formed by loose paper pulp and incorporating materials such fabric and threads. Through a thorough investigation of the process, the medium became a vehicle to organically combine these various elements, grounded in her techniques working in wood.

The work will be on display April 25th-July 9nd, 2013.



Dieu Donné is a contemporary artist workspace in Manhattan dedicated to the creative possibilities inherent in handmade paper making. The organization provides opportunities for artists to experiment in a unique, and often unfamiliar, medium, leading to new ways of thinking, creating, and making that promote significant creative breakthroughs. Handmade paper is often first thought of as a support material, and well-loved by artists who seek a unique surface quality that is not possible in commercially produced paper. It is also an incredibly diverse as a medium in its own right that can be painterly and sculptural, allowing artists to create complete artworks. At Dieu Donné, artists are invited to collaborate with an expert papermaker who guides the artist in the technical aspects of the medium and provides key creative feedback in the process. The artists who work at Dieu Donné are outside of their studio practice, not only physically. As the material lends itself to spontaneity, improvisation, and “happy accidents”, experimentation is the hallmark of the Dieu Donné artistic programs.

The Roger Smith is a family run hotel in Midtown Manhattan. For over 20 years the owners and staff have been committed to shaping and growing a diverse and organic cultural footprint both within the hotel and beyond. With a continued desire to converse and engage with guests, with New York and places further afield, The Roger Smith Hotel’s creative program seeks to create big opportunities, pleasurable experiences, inspiring happenings and intelligent dialogues.