When was the last time you discovered great music at a hotel?


We, at The Roger Smith Hotel take great pleasure in filling our spaces with beautiful things.

We are delighted to have DJ and music consultant Kenn Richards take charge of the sonic space in three of The Roger Smith Hotel’s public areas.

He has created sets of site-specific playlists for our lobby, hallways and Lily’s Bar.

Richards has applied a specific formula to his process of choosing music for playlists. He says of his approach, “these playlists are a combination of songs we’ve heard often and don’t get old; songs we love but haven’t heard in a long time; and songs we’ve never heard but will likely be intrigued and delighted by.”

In creating these playlists specifically for The Roger Smith Hotel, Richards says, “I am conscious that the Roger Smith hosts people from all over the world, so it struck me as important to include music from around the globe. It’s been a joy to develop these playlists that, I feel, are true to the spirit of The Roger Smith Hotel, true to the spirit of NY, and true to the spirit of a great party. 



Kenn Richards is an accomplished musician, DJ, producer, music consultant and audio engineer with more than twenty years of experience. He has been DJing for more than 25 years behind the velvet rope in NY London Amsterdam, LA and some far flung places. As a DJ he has supported bands as diverse as The Charlatans (UK), The Dandy Warhols, Lionel Richie and scores more.

When not creating playlists for us. Kenn is creating compelling audio ads for music-based audiences and pioneering new technologies including 3D Audio. He has worked on more than 50 films and TV shows as a music consultant, as an audio engineer for leading studios in New York and the UK and recorded dozens of well known artists.

The Roger Smith is a family run hotel in Midtown Manhattan. For over 20 years the owners and staff have been committed to shaping and growing a diverse and organic cultural footprint both within the hotel and beyond. With a continued desire to converse and engage with guests, with New York and places further afield, The Roger Smith Hotel’s creative program seeks to create big opportunities, pleasurable experiences, inspiring happenings and intelligent dialogues. www.rogersmithlife.com/art