Hotel ‘Hit and Run’ With The Roger Smith Marketing Team

By Adam Wallace, Marketing Graduate at RS Hotel

Got that Friday feeling?

We have, here at The Roger Smith Hotel. Okay it’s 7.30am, its early, but we are getting there and it’s already a glorious day out. Plus we know it’s going to start to get cooler, quick!

Well in that case it’s the perfect weather to go and make the most of the remaining warm weather and explore more of this amazing city that The Roger Smith Hotel calls home. We couldn’t think of a better way start our day than by taking a tour of some our fellow ‘hotel friends’?! James Knowles CEO of The Roger Smith Hotel knows exactly how to get our Friday fun in gear, and so, invited an old friend Alex Schechter (well we know you’re not that old, Alex) who is a highly credited writer, editor and hotel connoisseur. Nothing could be better than a team building exercise that would also give us some great insight into some other Manhattan properties. To our surprise, and in a classic ‘New York’ twist to the mornings proceedings we found out that we wouldn’t be traveling by our usual (and much loved) means of the subway/public transport, but we would be driven around town in a white stretch limo! Obviously we convinced ourselves that it makes sense, it was perfect because we could fit the whole team inside. Talk about practicality AND arriving in style at the same time.

First stop, we headed to the like-minded Gershwin Hotel in the famous Flatiron district. It’s a fabulous little Manhattan hotel filled with unique art, a quirky style. It has a great mid-size event space to the rear of the lobby and a superb little coffee shop called Birch, who also happen to serve an excellent breakfast. They serve up a simple menu including, oatmeal, in-house made granola, all sorts of daily specials and an abundance of quick eats.

Our second stop was The Roger Hotel, also in Flatiron. We all arrived and I have to be honest, we were all a little skeptical of this newly enhanced hotel…after all they have a very similar same name to us. However to our delight, we found a fabulous hotel and they have a completely different style, we like to think as ourselves as little more artsy and a little less preppy! Regardless, all the staff were charming and we had a good laugh together about the similarity of our names.

Third Stop! Wow, a visit to the NoMad Hotel located in the heart of the historic NoMad neighborhood. It’s a new hotel that opened in March of this year and they really are like the new kid in school. Everyone is talking about them so of course, we had to meet them for ourselves! We walked through their restaurant, library space, bar and they were even kind enough to give us a tour of a suite, we’ll give them brownie points for that. The place is beautiful, and indeed, we have something in common, we are both exceptionally proud of our establishment and different spaces within our hotels. “If you’ve got it flaunt it”. that’s the old saying, correct? So with open arms, welcome to Manhattan, welcome home,  our ‘Nomadic’ friends! We’ve been here a few years (85 healthy years to be exact. They say you are only as old as you feel and,  just to confirm, we feel like a spring chicken.

Finally we paid The Pod Hotel in Murray Hill a quick visit. Okay so they’re are a brand new hotel and still putting on the finishing touches but from what we could see, its set to be a fantastic property. The view from the rooftop bar is spectacular and the view is a knockout. We will definitely stop by to see the finished product and hopefully they’ll give us the grand tour!

Well, a big thank you to all our hotel friends for your hospitality this morning! However, in all honesty, we are home-birds and just love being back at our our very own beloved “castle in the sky”, as described by long time RS friend and guest – Molly Barnes.

The Roger Smith Hotel. 501 Lexington Ave, NY, 10017.

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