Storytelling with Lesley Messer, Zach Lynd and Tommy Zurhellen


The personal stories of objects

On February 26th we were thrilled to host our 2nd Show & Tell Session in Lily’s Bar.

Storytelling is fundamental to the human experience as a form of entertainment, a way to preserve memories and history, to educate and facilitate. Objects are often used as a narrative tool, museums are a beautiful example of this, and so with that said, perhaps we are creating our own gallery of memories, of personal stories we’d never have known existed was it not for moments like this.

3 storytellers are invited to bring an object that has an extraordinary personal story attached to it.
The selected participants hail from a broad spectrum of professional disciplines, and their chosen objects represent equally diverse fields of interest.

Read more about the participants HERE

Lesley Messer, Digital Entertainment Editor, ABC News

 Zach Lynd, Restaurateur

 Tommy Zurhellen, Fiction Novelist