Top 11 Reasons to stay at The Roger Smith Hotel in NYC

that's right, eleven

NEW YORK CITY! The passageway to Grand Central Terminal, with subway connections to pretty much everywhere awesome you want to go in NYC, is right across the street.




FREE Wi-Fi. Say it with me people! It’s free Wi-Fi! It should be a law!


Central park, broadway, 5th avenue, Chrysler Building, Empire state building. Need I say more? All of these are within walking distance.



We have a rooftop bar named after a spunky little dog.



It’s in a really cool old New York building, originally built in the late 1920s.



We are family and pet friendly. We have our own kids and pets too.



We know New York, and we’ll clue you in. We might even grab a drink with you, because we’ve been known to do those sorts of things.



Free apples, yogurt and granola (24/7).



We care.


We are in the beating heart of midtown Manhattan. A river of taxis and pulsing energy. Real New York, right outside your door.



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