by Adam Wallace

In the fall of 2006, I came to the Roger Smith Hotel to work with John Knowles to start a video-based website for the hotel called Roger Smith News (now RogerSmithLife).  The idea was to create a site that would tell stories through video about all areas of the hotel community.  This was certainly an unconventional idea at the time and a forward-thinking investment by James Knowles, CEO (and artist-in-residence) of the Roger Smith.  As opportunities on the Internet expanded, the hotel increased its commitment in the online space and I moved into the position of director of digital marketing.

With the combined efforts of many at the hotel including the creativity of John Knowles and his Panman Productions team, Brian Simpson’s passion for connecting with people, a cutting edge arts program run by Matt Semler, and a great community in the social media scene, we were able to build a colorful, dynamic and engaged online presence.  The vision, leadership and unwavering support of James Knowles made all of this possible.

Encouraged by this amazing experience with a pioneering team, I have decided to move on to the next adventures.  I am excited to watch the Roger Smith Hotel’s online presence continue to flourish.  John Birdsong will take the lead on media, website work and online engagement.  John Knowles will innovate and lead many of the marketing initiatives at the hotel.  Ek Wongleecharoen, Matt Semler and Danika Druttman will also be very involved in the Roger Smith’s online communications.

As for me, I am exploring opportunities both in New York and San Francisco and am looking forward to all that is to come.  Below you can find contact information for me and for all who are involved at the Roger Smith.

Thank you to everyone at the Roger Smith Hotel for this phenomenal opportunity.  I am proud of what we have accomplished.  I will always be a loyal RSH supporter and will always be one of the many “Roger Smiths”.

To all of our friends in the great community that has developed at the hotel, the Roger Smith’s commitment to you and to the online space is strong and continuing to grow.  The team at the hotel is looking forward to seeing you all soon at events and around the hotel. (I can assure you that you will find me up at Henry’s Rooftop Bar for a drink this summer).

All the best,

Adam Wallace

Contacts at the Roger Smith Hotel:

For rooms questions and bookings:
Mai Yoo (mai at
For events questions and bookings:
Martha Rodriguez (martha at roger

Online Team:

John Knowles: jknowles at
John Birdsong: jbirdsong at
Matt Semler: msemler at
Ek Wongleecharoen: ek at
Danika Druttman: danika at

My Contact Info:

Email: Adam at
(917) 558 7396