Video Art at The Roger Smith Hotel: A Blake D. Young Exclusive

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The Roger Smith Hotel’s Channel 22 is dedicated to video art. Every 2 months we present the work of a new artist with the intention of bringing art straight into the guest rooms.

We are excited to show the latest video by the delightful and incredibly talented film maker Blake Young, Everything Tickety-boo. This is the exclusive premiere, and we are honored to host it on Channel 22. We first worked with Blake in 2012; He was ‘Introduced’ in The Window at 125 by Rachel Wolff, as part of Season 1 of The Introducing Series. We fell in love with his work, dark and yet so poingnant, his videos hit the pit of your stomach and leave you feeling like a privileged voyeur with a warmed heart.

Tick•et•y-boo | tikitē ˈbo͞o | adj. predic.British informal dated
in good order; fine: everything is tickety-boo

A ghost story, a fairy tale, a vaudevillian farce: Everything Tickety-boo is a dark yet jocular allegory for the psychology of grief. It depicts a young man’s fracturing identity as he begins to confuse external and internal realities. Protesting his entrapment in a dark wood, he compels himself to act out a series of bizarre calisthenics. His dance-like movements, akin to an incantation, summon to life a doppelgänger, avatar or other. Feeling vacant and disconnected from his previous existence, he recognizes the opportunity to transfer the task of living onto this sudden apparition. His replica will inconspicuously take his place in the material world, from which the young man has irrevocably retreated.

In mourning it is the world which has become poor and empty; in melancholia it is the ego itself.
Sigmund Freud, Mourning and Melancholia


Blake Douglas Young is a filmmaker and stop motion artist who combines live action, found footage, and stop motion animation. His work is process-based and hands-on, using the tactility of materials to direct and inform his narratives. After studying fine art at the ECP program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he attended Bard College, graduating with a BA in French Language and Literature. He went on to complete his MFA in Experimental Animation at The California Institute of the Arts. His CalArts thesis film Our Lady Divine (2011) has been screened in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C., as well as internationally. His films to date include Everything Tickety-boo (2014), Our Lady Divine (2011), Augustine (2011), Hello Johnny (2011), and The Taxonomist and His Mistress (2010). His next project, currently in pre-production, is a stop motion adaptation of Jean Rhys’ After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie. Blake lives and works in Brooklyn.

Everything Tickety-boo is a stop motion short, 7:30 min, High Definition Video, 2014