June, 2015

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  • webmaster   •   6/24/15

    Quickfire with Margaret Lydecker of Green Drinks NYC

    Roger Smith prides itself on an ever-evolving allegiance to the environment. Our communal vision for a green, zero-waste hotel is spearheaded by our Director of Sustainability Margaret Lydecker. To...

  • webmaster   •   6/12/15

    Best Independent Bookstores in Manhattan

    New York City is the publishing capital of the world and the inspiration for countless works of literary genius. Reputation considered, it’s safe to say that the best independent...

  • webmaster   •   6/8/15

    5 Must See Pieces of Public Art in Manhattan

    Home to many of the most outstanding cultural institutions in the world””MoMa, The Met, Guggenheim, The Whitney”” New York City aesthetic and cool is also largely defined in the streets. Every block...

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