January, 2016

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  • webmaster   •   1/27/16

    10 Seinfeldisms That Are Even Truer Today

    Jerry Seinfeld has begun a year-long residency at the Upper West Side’s Beacon Theater, where he’ll perform standup about once a month. To celebrate “Jerry Seinfeld: The Homestand,” we’ve...

  • webmaster   •   1/20/16

    How to Take the Best Photographs of People

    Think about how many photographs are taken in NYC every day. Then imagine how many of those images involve people, either posed portraits or candid shots. Now estimate how...

  • webmaster   •   1/12/16

    11 NYC Attractions That Are Touristy But Amazing

    When something is dubbed “touristy” or “cliched,” the negative connotation can drown out the majesty that made it popular in the first place. Manhattan has plenty of spots that...

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