June, 2017

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  • webmaster   •   6/30/17

    James Fox and the Roger Smith Running Team

     Run like a fox For 20 years, Director of Sales, James Fox has successfully lead a running team at the Roger Smith Hotel. The purpose of building a community...

  • webmaster   •   6/30/17

    Top Five Beaches in NYC

    A New York summer is best served sizzling, but one doesn’t need a three hour escape to The Hamptons in order to cool off by the beach. Here are...

  • webmaster   •   6/30/17

    How to Enjoy Summer in New York for Free

    With so much to do, see, eat and drink under New York’s sun, dipping into your savings account almost seems inevitable. But we’ve got your back with this essential...

  • webmaster   •   6/30/17

    Five Favorite Chelsea Art Galleries

    John Lennon once declared New York as the center of the art world. And at the very epicenter of the New York art scene is Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, home...

  • webmaster   •   6/30/17

    Where to Take a First Date in NYC

    “I love New York. New York, I love you.” It’s often said that people in New York are in a relationship with the city itself, so if you’re looking...

  • webmaster   •   6/19/17

    Summer Solstice in New York

      Daughter of  a former diplomat with the Swedish Foreign Service, Angelica Kennedy moved to NY when her father was assigned to the Swedish Consulate of NYC. She instantly fell...

  • webmaster   •   6/5/17

    5 Things to Do in Central Park This Summer

    Stretching across 843 acres (and featured in more than 350 films), New York’s Central Park is the city’s personal playground. With so much land to cover, and so many...

  • webmaster   •   6/5/17

    Best Restaurants to Dine Al Fresco in Midtown

    When one imagines the hustle and bustle of Midtown, one doesn’t automatically think, ‘outdoor dining.’ But the start of summer opens the doors to some of our favorite restaurants...

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