October, 2018

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  • spherical-admin   •   10/25/18

    Interview with Artist Elisa Jensen

    Our current show in Lily’s Bar is part installation, part paintings by Brooklyn based artist Elisa Jensen. Her travels back home to Denmark have inspired her work. We navigate...

  • spherical-admin   •   10/1/18

    Where to Eat with Kids Near Central Park

    Boat racing, botanic gardens, the zoo, interactive art and plenty of wide open spaces to frolic: Central Park is a dream come true for parents looking to keep the...

  • spherical-admin   •   10/10/18

    Celebrating Archtober in Manhattan

    New York City is arguably the most recognizable city in the world. Its skyscrapers? Indistinguishable. Its sidewalks are the subjects of mass influence and creativity. Every October, the city...

  • spherical-admin   •   10/22/18

    New York’s Best Museums for Kids

    Museum hopping around New York City sounds like an absolute dream to most people—but not all museums are created equal, especially in the eyes of children. Not to worry!...

  • webmaster   •   10/3/18

    Guide to Being an Art Snob

    Here’s how to sound like you know what you’re talking about when walking around an art gallery or museum exhibit: a guide to being an art snob. Lift a...

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