An Art-Filled Summer in New York



As Summer approaches, there’s no better place to cool down than one of New York’s  art galleries and museums. Immerse yourself in some of the world’s most profound and inspiring art pieces while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the air conditioner.  Here are the NYC art exhibitions and shows you must see this summer.

“History Keeps Me Awake at Night” at The Whitney

History Keeps Me Alive

Image by @friezeartfair via Instagram.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is home to some of America’s most beloved art pieces, and this summer it welcomes History Keeps me Awake at Night, an exhibition by the late David Wojnarowicz. A NYC-based artist, Wojnarowicz traveled curiously between art media, and cited New York as a key innovator and influencer of his works. Much of his art circles around the theme of the ‘outsider,’ specifically looking at American history through the lens of the AIDS crisis and the culture wars of the 1980s.

History Keeps me Awake at Night runs from July 13 to September 30.

“Obsession” at Met Breuer

met breuer by @metmuseum

Image by @metmuseum via @nycgo on Instagram.

Located on the Upper East Side, near the main Metropolitan Museum building, The MET Breuer is the Met’s dedication to modern and contemporary art. Starting in July, the space will feature a collection of renowned artists who’ve delved into images investigating the erotic and evocative form. Obsession will specifically present the watercolors, drawing and prints of Pablo Picasso, Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Obsession will run from July 3 to October 7.

“Flesh” at the Jewish Museum

Flesh at thejewishmuseum

Image by @thejewishmuseum via Instagram.

Constructing a parallel between both the animal and the human, beauty and pain, Expressionist artist Chaim Soutine brings Flesh to life at The Jewish Museum this summer. Produced over the course of thirty years, the exhibition will feature over thirty still-life paintings from the late artist – considered his greatest and most influential pieces of work.

Flesh runs from May 4 to September 16.

“The Incomplete Araki” at Museum of Sex

araki at museum of sex

Image courtesy of Museum of Sex

Perhaps not the most obvious place one might think in looking for art to ogle at, the Museum of Sex is currently housing a fascinating retrospective of Nobuyoshi Araki, a prolific and infamous photographer from Japan. The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death is an installation featuring over 400 books, 150 prints and 500 hundred Polaroids from the controversial and highly buzzed-about artist.

The Incomplete Araki runs from February 8 to August 31.

“Racing for Thunder” at Red Bull Arts


Image by @redbullartsny via instagram.

Known for his unique and exhilarating impact on New York’s hip hop and graffiti scene, RAMMΣLLZΣΣ’s diverse range of artworks – music, writing, graffiti, photography, and other archival documents – are now being exhibited at Red Bull Arts. The exhibition fuses together his portfolio with a chronology of his life, as presented by the people who were closest to him.

Racing for Thunder runs from May 4 to August 26.

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