In Praise of Soup…Where to Find the Best Soups in Manhattan



The city’s streets are beginning to frost over and the evening sun is beginning its descent earlier each day. One of our favorite ways of celebrating? With a hearty and sultry cup of New York’s best soup. Yes, the season of soup has finally arrived! Here’s where you can find the best soups in Manhattan.  


Veselka-Borscht courtesy of Veselka website

Hungry at 3pm? No problem. Hungry at 3am? We got you. Established in 1954, 24-hour Ukrainian eatery Veselka is a staple among the East Village. Brewed in history and peppered with a number of Ukrainian delicacies, the restaurant serves up 6 different soups on its dinner menu (including a traditional Ukrainian Borscht, Matzoh Ball, and 3 Bean Chili). Photo via Veselka’s website.

Veselka: 144 2nd Ave.

Totto Ramen

@totto_ramen soup in NYC

With 7 locations around the globe Totto Ramen has proven itself a worldwide sensation when it comes to the delicious Japanese noodle soup. The menu presents four humble offerings (chicken, spicy chicken, miso chicken, and vegetable) with toppings aplenty! Image by @totto_ramen on Instagram.

Totto Ramen Midtown East: 248 East 52nd St.

La Bonne Soupe

@seiko at Le Bonne Soup in NYC via Instagram

“The good life, with health, wealth and happiness” is a rough translation of La Bonne Soupe, the American-French Bistro with a home in the heart of Manhattan. On the menu you’ll find a number of French favorites (Quiche Lorraine, Omelette Ratatouille, Le Crepes) and, of course, four distinct soups served with bread, salad, dessert and a beverage of your choice! We recommend the award-winning Soupe à l’Oignon (French Onion). Image by @seiko122777 on Instagram.

La Bonne Soupe: 48 West 55th St.

Saigon Shack

@shadychefsally at Saigon Shack via Instagram

For a soup that’s sure to help clear your sinuses, we advise heading over to Saigon Shack in the West Village. Loaded with bean sprouts, jalapeños, basil, lime, and topped with scallions, cilantro and onion, their traditional Vietnamese Pho is packed with fresh flavors and variety. Grab the Spicy S.S. Special to keep you extra warm this winter. Image by @shadychefsally on Instagram.

Saigon Shack: 114 Macdougal St.


@brodo in NYC for some of the city's best soups. Photo by @brodo on Instagram

For a nutritious on-the-go treat head over to one Brodo’s signature stores in the West Village, East Village, Soho and Upper West Side. With no preservatives, no concentrates and no shortcuts, the bone broth boasts a number of health benefits both for the body and the mind. Meaty and vegan options available. Image by @brodo on Instagram.

Brodo Upper West Side: 75th & Broadway.

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