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Guide to Earth Day 2019 in NYC

First established in 1970, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration and appreciation of our connection to the Earth, with a focus on sustainability and raising awareness of environmental challenges. In 2019, Earth Day marks the calendar on April 22, with a variety of events and activities peppered throughout the month. Here are a few ways you can take part in NYC’s Earth Day 2019.


Eat Sustainably

With a newly pinned Michelin star on its vegan/vegetarian menu, Greenwich Village’s, Nix, is a delicious way of saluting our Earth this April. The team at Nix believes that eating vegan should be a celebration, not a sacrifice, and have crafted a menu (and innovative cocktail selection) to fully reflect this belief. Click through for the menu.

Nix; 72 University Pl.


Union Square

The busiest Earth Day event across America, New York’s Earth Day officially lands in Union Square and sees over 70 organizations, including live performances, children’s activities, environmental non-profits, and sustainable-minded businesses. 

See here for more information on the event.


Walking Tour

The 5K Green Tour is a brilliant opportunity to experience the variety of green and eco-conscious sites across New York’s very own backyard. At each site, you’ll learn what groups from around the city are doing to battle climate change and preserve New York’s environmental integrity.

The Green Tour kicks off on April 22, 2019 –  Tickets for purchase here.


Go Thrifting

New York is littered with consignments, second-hand stores and thrift shops ready to help you be less consumptive and more frugal. A number of the thrift stores in the city do more than sell renewed items with programs established to give back to support causes such as diabetes research.

Click through for a list of top thrift stores in New York City