Roger Smith Pop-Up of the Month: Brooklyn Winter Flea



Better known for its warm weather outposts in Williamsburg and Fort Greene, the Brooklyn Flea’s current winter location is in a massive, Industry City warehouse. Eclectic food, niche toys, antiques and furnishings are all plentiful at the newest Roger Smith Pop-Up of the Month. Here are some of our favorite vendors:

Dan’s Parents House


The Vendor:

The seven-year BK Flea vet specializes in toys from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Why it’s Cool:

“It started out as kind of a joke,” says founder Dan Treiber. The business began at Dan’s parents’ house on the Bronx’s City Island. “We started selling stuff out of the attic, like old Star Wars figures and cameras, and then we realized it was a viable business.”  

Flutter by Katie


The Vendor:

Flutter by Katie sells a collection of glass-encased sculptures made with butterflies and plants. While people often mistake them for terrariums, these “display pieces” are actually decorative works of non-living art.

Why it’s Cool:

“I love the look of nature inside,” said Flutter’s owner and founder Katie Flaherty. “The frangibility,” or, the easily breakable nature, “of something around other things that are strong and man-made and lasting is just beautiful.”

BK Bumpkin


The Vendor:

The landscape interior and exterior design business comes to the Brooklyn Flea on weekends to sell houseplants, petite trees and kokedama.

Why it’s Cool:

In their words: “The BK Bumpkin approach is simple: to mimic nature. We do this by establishing closed-loop systems that recycle nutrients, replenish the soil, and provide habitat for beneficial wildlife.”

Thea Grant


The Vendor:

Thea Grant and her husband, Nico, manufacture jewelry made from found materials.

Why it’s Cool:

Anything can be made into a jewel,” Thea says. With materials like century-old keys and pendants to 1920’s pencil stubs, the collection proves her testament.  “There’s a lot of existing material in the world that’s really beautiful and never made into anything. I like to call the pieces wearable sculptures.



The Vendor:

Wowfulls serves crispy 1950’s-style Hong Kong waffles topped with ice cream, fresh fruit, or green-tea pocky.

Why it’s Cool:

Wowfulls is obsessed with perfecting the waffle, trying to find “the balance between a softer inside, a crispier outside, and utilizing distinct flavors to reinvent an almost forgotten Hong Kong snack.”

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