How to Celebrate Earth Day in NYC



On April 22, individuals and organizations across the world will celebrate Earth Day by  raising awareness and demonstrating support for environmental protection. To celebrate,  we’ve put together a list of New York based activities you can parktake in to be mindful and support your local environment.

Eat at a sustainable and ethical restaurant

Candle 79


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If you’re looking to dine in a sustainable restaurant, try the vegan Candle 79 on the Upper East Side. Its  extensive farm to table menu includes a herb-grilled cauliflower with wild mushroom squash risotto, cashew cream, frizzled leeks and kale-pine nut pesto. The eco-cocktail list features a number of tasty hand-crafted concoctions made from organic ingredients and spirits sourced from small-batch producers. Many of these small-batch producers are socially conscious.  For example, the“Smokin’ Julep” cocktail contains Ilegal mezcal, cranberry, agave and basil; the Ilegal mezcal donates funds to build schools in Jamaica. Finally, a restaurant that allows you to drink and eat for a good cause! For a similar menu but a more casual setting, try their sister restaurant, Candle Café.  

Candle 79: 154 East 79th St., 212-537-7179

ABC Kitchen


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Your experience at the ABC kitchen will be a holistic ethical experience, not to mention delicious. Not only does the kitchen adhere to the ethos of clean, natural foods—the seasonal menu features produce from non-GMO farms—but the entire decor is eco-friendly, too. The ABC Home & Planet Pure collection includes natural fabrics with low-impact dyes, organic wool and hypoallergenic goose feathers. Additionally, the Forest Stewardship Council has certified all wood making it an environmentally conscious decision.  Visitors can peruse  furniture, accessories, and rugs upon entering the establishment.

ABC Kitchen: 35 E 18th St., 212-475-5829


Conserve energy at home and on the move

Brooklyn Candle Studio


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Celebrate Earth Day by reducing your energy consumption through a mindful purchase. There are several ways in which you can do so, conserving electricity is one. Maximize daylight by using natural light instead of overhead lights. At night time, substitute an artificial light or two with a candle. One of our favorite local suppliers is the Brooklyn Candle Studio. They use 100% American soy wax which is renewable, sustainable and clean-burning; other candle companies will use a paraffin wax mixture to create their candles, these mixtures have been known to  release carcinogenic toxins and contribute to global warming. The small-batch studio creates a bevy of hand poured candles–some popular scents include cedarwood vanilla, tobacco and wild peony.

To visit one of their stockists, click here.


Citi Bike


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This Earth Day, explore the city by bike. Fun fact, for every gallon of gasoline you save through smart commuting, you avoid producing 22 pounds of CO2 emissions . If you’ve seen the blue bikes around New York and have been curious to give it go, spring is a lovely time to wheel through the burroughs! Citi Bike is the largest bike share program in America, with 10,000 bikes located in 55 neighborhoods of New York Purchase a day pass, or sign up for annual membership!

For more on plan prices and to purchase a membership, click here.  


Enjoy New York’s green spaces

Visit the High Line


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The High Line is a public park maintained by the Friends of the High Line as part of the West Side Improvement Project. The elevated park was created on an out-of-use railroad line that was up for demolition in the 1980’s. In 2002 the planning framework for the second life of the railroad began. As it stands now, the park has expanded to run over 20 blocks. It has been designed to incorporate several native plants and vendors for the enjoyment of its visitors.  You can support Friends of the High Line by volunteering or donating to their initiatives.  Friends of the High Line is kicking off its 2017 programming season with “Culture Shock”on Earth Day at 1:00 pm.  

To learn more about the “Culture Shock” performances and to RSVP for a program, click here.

If you’d like to donate to the High Line or adopt a plant to be planted, click here.

The High Line runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.

NYC Parks


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Save the green of  the concrete jungle by volunteering with the Stewardship team this Earth Day. In various locations across the city, volunteers will help remove invasive species such as knotweed, mugwort and porcelain berry that threaten the otherwise thriving trees. Trees make New York more livable by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, providing shelter for birds and wildlife, and reducing stormwater runoff. Help make New York a more liveable city by taking care of the trees this Earth Day.

To learn more about volunteering with the Stewardship team and register for the Earth Day event, click here.


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