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Hunter Potter, a Brooklyn based painter was the 2018 recipient of the Roger Smith Fellowship. It includes the opportunity to spend a month at the Vermont Studio Center (he will be heading there in August) where Hunter will be working on the pieces that will then be presented as part of a solo show at Roger Smith Hotel in September 2018.

We chatted with Hunter about all things art, life and Audiobook related.

How did you get into painting? Do you come from a family of creatives? 

I was first drawn to painting through the world of freight train graffiti, which absolutely fascinated me from the moment I discovered it. As I began to see stylistic similarities in actual fine art, I found myself more and more curious. Names like Barry McGee and Eddie Martinez grabbed my attention immediately and, well, the rest is history.

My family and general upbringing played into this quite a bit as well. My mom and dad always had a funky sense of style and aesthetics that I believe worked it’s way into my subconscious. Our living room light, for example, was an enormous Mobil gas station Pegasus sign. Without even knowing it, my childhood couch was being illuminated by repurposed pop art, ha-ha.

How much planning goes into a painting before you begin?

The planning stages vary drastically from piece to piece. Figurative works tend to start with a sketch while others unfold on the spot. Works that play heavily with color often evolve in a reactionary sense—lay down one color and react to it, repeatedly.

How do you know when you have finished a piece?

I’m not really sure how to put that into words. Perhaps when the desire to start a new piece outweighs the desire to keep going on the current.

Hunter Potter 2

 NO MAS 48″x 48″ acrylic on canvas

Can you tell us about the tool that is most important to you and the making of your work?

Audiobooks! My audible account has been the catalyst to countless late nights and early mornings in the studio. With the right story in the background, the rest seems to fall into place.

What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment, I am just finishing up the Lonesome Dove series by Larry McMurtry. A brilliant 4 book series that follows the life span of two Texas rangers from the 1840s-70s. The character development, scenery, and general uncertainty and bravery of the era is mesmerizing to listen to from my cozy and safe Brooklyn studio.

Have you spent any time in VT before?

I went to college at the University of Vermont in Burlington from 2009-2013. Also, being only 5 or 6 hours away allowed me and my friends to make plenty of ski trips to the Green Mountains throughout high school.

How did you come up with the idea to merge New York City and Vermont iconography together for this show? 

I have a love affair with color and the weight it holds in my daily life. The idea of exploring color and the symbols and iconography that comes with it within these two very different environments fascinates me. The idea itself came to me while painting at the Golden Foundation residency in upstate New York surrounded by lush greens and earth tones.


Artist Hunter Potter

What about the Roger Smith Fellowship spoke to you?

The Fellowship’s commitment to emerging artists within New York City specifically was enough to make my Heart skip a beat. I love their artistic loyalty and I think the Roger Smith is a prime example of an establishment that continues to support those in need within such a stressful and dog eat dog scene.

How do you see your work within the context of the Roger Smith?

Colorful and thought provoking!

What is your favorite place to see art in VT?

Off the top of my head, the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe is a great spot.

What work of art do you wish you owned?

The answer to this question changes by the hour. At this very moment, I think I would love to see one of Rothko’s dark palette paintings in my apartment though I sincerely doubt it would fit!


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The Roger Smith is family run hotel in Midtown Manhattan. For over years the owners and employees have been committed to shaping and growing a diverse and organic cultural footprint within the hotel and  beyond. With a continued desire to converse and engage with guests, New York and places further a field, The Roger Smith Hotel’s creative program seeks to create big opportunities, pleasurable experiences, inspiring happenings and intelligent dialogues.

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