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The Window at 125
A Roger Smith Hotel Special Project

Introducing”¦ is an initiative that creates a platform for emerging artists to be formally introduced by an advocate of their art and future career. Twice a month a new artist will be presented by their champion and will have an e xemplary piece of work exhibited at The Window at 125.


Ricardo Cid

Introduced by Monica Locascio

July 17th 2012

Ricardo Cid is a mechanical engineer by training and a programmer by trade, so his work has thick roots in the realms of mathematics, biochemistry and systems. This 3-dimensional piece, created specifically for The Window at 125, is based on his Ophiotrix Syntax project, a body of work that represents the Mathematical Notation as 2-dimensional forms. Employing symbols, lines and colors, Cid has created a visual language for the expression of complex mathematical equations that does not rely on conventional alphanumerical representations.

Cid produces the work by blending the traditional hand-made signage techniques of his native Mexico City with laser cut wood mobiles and synthetic elements produced by high-tech printers. In doing so, he evokes the geometry of traditional craft and the revolutionary notions of bio-mimicry design while at the same time paying homage to the graceful instructions of the Conceptualists, and advancing the altruism of public art. Cid always releases each project in a form through which the public can distribute, enhance and pull apart his ideas.

“I was first drawn to Cid’s work when I saw a chart commissioned from him for keeping track of the winners as they progressed through the 2008 World Cup.  It was complex, engaging and beautifu­­lly executed.  Most importantly, it was a completely original concept for a sports tournament diagram. Four years later, I continue to be inspired by Cid’s enthusiasm and originality. The physical and theoretical beauty of his projects promise to change the public perception of art, science and progress.”

 -Monica Locascio

Born and raised in Mexico City, Ricardo Cid was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, specializing in mechatronics. He worked for the Engineering Institute (UNAM) where he developed projects related to electronics, hacking and robotics. In parallel, working with Mexican/Techno Music DJs he started developing technology and shows for them inspired by the possible uses of new technologies that merge music and art. Five years ago he moved to New York City where he created BlackLabelRobot with which he started generating artwork based on engineering and scientific concepts like encryption, codification, mathematics plus other topics like (anti)nationalism, open source and  rock n’ roll. He currently works and lives in Brooklyn developing his own ideas and creating custom made projects.

The child of international school arts and science educators and enthusiasts, Monica LoCascio was raised in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Morocco and Austria. After discovering her love for the classical visual arts through the influence of grade-school teachers, she continued to hone her arts education both through institutions as well as personal projects and travel. After graduating from Emerson College with a degree in New Media and Visual Arts in the fall of 2006, she moved to New York where she became immersed in the downtown arts scenes and began her work with PAPER Magazine. LoCascio has worked as an independent curator for several New York and Philadelphia based galleries and as an author, editor and designer on several art book titles. Currently she lives in the East Village and is focusing her attention on the intersections of Art, Science and Philosophy.

This piece will occupy The Window at 125 from July 15-30th  2012

For more information visit or email Danika Druttman at

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