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In NYC, it doesn’t require a whole lot of walking to find yourself surrounded by iconic architecture, delicious food, and unique experiences. We’ve gathered a list of five historic places all within walking distance of your Roger Smith suite. Take advantage of your own two feet and explore Midtown on a perfect day in Midtown East.

Chrysler Building

Before the Empire State Building stole its thunder in 1931, the Chrysler Building was the world’s tallest building for eleven fleeting months. While its observation deck closed in the early 80s, you can still admire its form in some of your favorite apocalyptic films–Independence Day, Armageddon, Godzilla.

Ford Foundation Atrium

Need a quiet moment to yourself? With a little luck, on a quiet morning, you might be able to find a sweet moment of serenity in the Ford Foundation’s Atrium. Practice mindfulness alongside the reflecting pool, or really soak in the magic of the moment at the sensory garden, where you can touch and smell a variety of unique fauna. Photo via Wikimedia Commons by kenlarry.

Grand Central Terminal

This national historic landmark is one of the world’s ten most visited tourist attractions—frequently drawing in over 20 millions visitors each year. That’s excluding train passengers! It’s beloved for its Beaux Arts architectural elements, marble water fountains, and dramatic archways, plus a gorgeous, constellation-filled aquamarine ceiling.

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Maybe you’ve had enough of ogling historic architecture. Maybe you’re walking through Grand Central and you get a little stomach gurgle. You’re in luck. Wander down to the lower level of the terminal and you’ll find this 106-year-old, iconic oyster bar. Fresh seafood, decadent homemade desserts, excellent wine–tummy gurgle, be gone!

Gulliver’s Gate

things to do in nyc with kids gulliver's gate

Gulliver’s Gate is a 50,000 square foot homage to all things miniature. Beginning with an exhibit of key NYC landmarks–Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Public Library–Gulliver’s Gate opens up a world of imagination, curiosity and play. Photo by @richiejayok via @abc7ny on Instagram.

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