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We’ve been fawning over the new Jason Naylor mural featured in Lily’s Bar over the last few weeks—and with a sharp eye you’ll be able to spot more of Jason’s work all throughout Manhattan. Go out and enjoy the start-of-summer sun with some of our favorite outdoor works of art in NYC.

The High Line

lorewoo photo of the highline

Image by @lorewoo via Instagram.

One of the most obvious places for scouting art would have to be The High Line, Chelsea’s elevated linear park and former rail trail. The walking hotspot is home to a rotating number of public art pieces including murals, sculptures and other fascinating installations. We’re particularly drawn to Dorothy Iannone’s colorful reimagination of lady Liberty, I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door.

I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door: The Highline, enter via Gansevoort Street.

Hudson Square

yunalah at Hudson Square

Image by @yunalah via instagram.

Take a stroll down memory lane with the newest Peanuts x Hudson Yards installation. Featured in over 2600 newspaper, the Peanuts comic strips have had major influences on today’s writers, filmmakers, artists and musicians. The murals are organized by The Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an initiative looking to memorialize our favorite cartoons in public spaces.

Peanuts: Hudson Square.

Broadway Malls

annelstrauss photo at Broadway Malls

Image by @annelstrauss via Instagram.

Kathy Ruttenberg tells New Yorkers a fairytale through six large-scale sculptures at the uptown Broadway Malls, her first major outdoor sculpture installation. Propped up from 64th to 157th Street the installations use fantastical elements of animal, human and plant forms while merging mediums such as bronze, glass, and LED lighting.

In Dreams Awake: Broadway Malls

Madison Square Park

lansingmoore photo of Madison Square Park

Image by @lansingmoore via Instagram.

Also debuting into New York’s public art scene, Diana Al-Hadid’s Delirious Matter finds residency at Madison Square Park from May 14 to September 3, 2018. The six sculptures draw influence from Al-Hadid’s interests in architecture, cosmology, antiquity, and Old Master paintings – using the “confusion of boundaries” (figure/landscape, interior/exterior) as the backbone of her work.

Delirious Matter: Madison Square Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

publicartfund at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Image by @publicartfund via instagram

We totally understand: all this walking can really make you hungry! So skip on down to Brooklyn Bridge Park from June 9th as absurdist-conceptual artist, Erwin Wurm, debuts his latest interactive installation, Hot Dog Bus. The mustard-yellow VW transformed artwork is a nod to a New Yorker’s favorite summer bite – and yes, there will be free hot dogs upon arrival!

Hot Dog Bus; Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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