Women in the Arts Share Best Sage Advice



Recently, the Roger Smith held a Pecha Kucha Dinner, an occasion for women in creative spaces to break bread together, while also being asked to share a few words on a project or labor of love they are currently working on.

The March Pecha Kucha dinner was hosted by Danika Druttman, who oversees Arts and Cultural programming at the Roger Smith Hotel, and Concetta Duncan, a communications specialist in the luxury, culture and arts sectors.

With an appreciation of the value of sharing our best sage advice and words of wisdom, we asked each guest to pass on a piece of advice they were given when embarking on a new endeavor.


Leily Soleimani
Communications and Marketing Consultant

“Never grow a wishbone where your back ought to be”

Mary Sherwin
Co Creative Director at I AM

“Everything you are doing is important and valued. Never doubt your ability to contribute.”

Concetta Duncan
Strategic Communications

“Sometimes good things need to fall apart so better things can fall together” Marilyn Monroe

Patton Hindle
Owner/Principal at yours mine & ours

“Find and do what you love. The success will follow”

Mara Vlatkovic
Arts Manager/Founder of Young Professionals in the Arts NYC

“Be bold! You’re better than you think you are. Thrust yourself an fly”

Diya Vij
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

“Someone once told me…it’s all about doing the wrong thing in the right place.”
“My boss, Tom Finkelpearl gave me great advice when I started my first art job. He told me not to plan because I wouldn’t know what i’d be good at or what opportunities would present themselves. Instead, he says that he committed to live an interesting life and suggested I do the same.”

Stephanie Pereira
‎Director of Creator Engagement at Kickstarter

“Don’t mess with them. They may have money, but what have they ever really done? That’s not where you want to be.”

Ashley Galloway
Strategist / Producer / Creative Project Manager

“Trust your gut. And know when not to listen to others opinions”

Luisa Gui
Development and Special Events

“Be bold, be brave, embrace the challenge, don’t wait for anyone’s approval!”

Rachel Wolff
Writer and filmmaker


Bridget Donlon

“”Relax”. This word has come from many different mentors to me in my moments of existential panic. Anything i have been worried about has been from over thinking a problem and letting it go has been the solution.”

Danika Druttman
Arts and Cultural programming, Roger Smith

“Make your decision, then commit to go forward with relentless enthusiasm, confidence and focus. Thats how the magic happens.”

For further information about the Roger Smith Pecha Kucha Dinners, or if you are interested in co-hosting one with us, please email Danika Druttman ddruttman@rogersmith.com.

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