Roger Smith Interns: In rotation with Mati



It felt like just yesterday we welcomed you to the Roger Smith Family. What’s the most memorable experience you take back home?

 The entire internship was amazing! I savored every moment during this unforgettable year and i have been very, very happy. Honestly, it is so difficult for me to choose the most memorable experience as there were so many special moments, but having to choose ”“ some of the great memories are related with tradition and culture of NY. I still remember Thanksgiving Day in the intern’s apartment. – the elaborate table set up was so beautiful with all of the food prepared for a family dinner, including an enormous Turkey; Christmas’ morning was another memory that stands out as one of those special moments. My collegues and I gathered around the Christmas tree next to the chimney while having pancakes for breakfast while we opened presents. That was magical! On Halloween I carved my own pumpkin, something I’ve never done before. The feeling of celebrating these moments for the first time in my life and sharing them with my new NYC family meant so much for me.


What’s the very first thing you will do when you get back to Barcelona?

I can’t wait to be reunited with my family and meet for dinner at our favorite restaurant in the city, which is next to Rambla Catalunya. This restaurant has a diverse crowd and you can find all type of tapas and montaditos (bite sized bread topped with variety of ingredients). It is a tradition that I miss so much… I can’t wait! We visit this restaurant two times per week and it is always my go to place after returning back home from my travels. I’m also looking forward to meeting and catching up with all of my friends -the ones that are not traveling around the world.


What valuable job skill will you make sure to apply to your future career?

The RSH has allowed the opportunity to develop my experiences and help build a level of confidence in the skills I learned, particularly the responsibility of understanding the values of the hotel and that of management while it relates with people from all walks of life. There’s a sense of encouragement to think outside the box and develop new ideas – following through to see them blossom. Understanding cultural diversity; I believe it is important to be multilingual to understand and relate to others. I also learned that hospitality has a language of its own.


You made the most of your time in NYC. You met new friends and some great relationships were started. Tell us about the friends you leave behind.

Looking back, I can now say that the times shared with the interns in my group are part of my extended family. We spent almost 24 hours together, and learned so much about each other. The emotional connection between us is so exceptional. They are my family, my friends, my work colleagues and roommates”¦ all rolled in one. And while it is true that living together is difficult at times, we have done a pretty good job at living together, as a family. . I am going to miss all of them and the great moments we lived and shared together. I don’t leave them behind because this is only the beginning of our friendships. After all, we have shared one of the best years of our lives. Of course I met other people in the city who I also consider friends. We share special moments and wherever I go, I will take with me something from all of them


Looking back at the first day you arrived”¦ How would you say you evolved?

I feel I have evolved in all senses. In other words I am clearer of my ambitions, needs and what I really want to do. It is my 3rd experience abroad, the longest one! I feel different after each one. While my 2 previous experiences were in Europe, I think in USA I have experienced the biggest cultural and lifestyle change . I have met people from everywhere and in my opinion I have learned a lot. I can confidently say that now I am able to envision the opportunities in front of me. I consider myself an open minded person and I can confirm it after living in a city like New York – full of different people from all over the world.

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