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For over 15 years, the Roger Smith Hotel has paved the way for international students; teaching and fostering them via a one years’ hospitality internship program, designed to nurture their leadership skills in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. From management of Front Office and Housekeeping to learning the ropes of running a Social Media department, and the ins and outs of a revenue generating Sales team; they explore career interests through the rotation of various departments; and they have fun while doing it!

They share their journey and extraordinary experiences with us, and instantly become part of the Roger Smith family.

Here’s Mikkel Wiik!

MP- You’re our very first interviewee! How do you feel about this exciting opportunity?

MW–  I’m very honored to be presented with this opportunity. Ill try to set a good example for the ones that follow after me.

MP- How did you prepare for the first day of your internship?

MW– I made sure to learn of The Roger Smiths history and studied the subway map so I would be there in time, given that I’m living in Brooklyn and not at the intern’s apartment.

MP- As you adapt to this new experience, Are there some things you will miss from home?

MW– I miss the rye bread and fresh milk we have in Denmark. I’l miss Christmas time in Denmark; You can not get that here in NY. And of course my family.

MP- Did you put together a list of must-do activities to accomplish while in NY?

MW– I did indeed! I made a long list of restaurants, sky bars and other cities to visit while in NY. A month has gone by now and I have done half of the list’s elements. I truly enjoy eating Sushi and Mexican food and the different cuisines this city has to offer. I recently tried a few restaurants that are a must in NY; the Redhead on 13th street, The Mermaid, and “La Esquina” restaurant in Soho. I think I’m becoming a foodie.

MP- We know you’ll make the most of your time in NYC. How will you meet new friends?

MW– I believe that being open minded to meet new people and take on new experiences takes you a long way. the community as an employee and intern at The Roger Smith will automatically bring you close to very interesting people, I’m sure of that. Looking forward to the months ahead.

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