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Organizational overview
The Market at the Roger Smith Hotel is a premium popup shop experience that grants access to space and marketing resources for brands and businesses that want to exist in New York City for a short period of time. The spaces include The Corner at 47th and Lexington, RSPop+, RSPop, Lily’s and 125 E. 47th street.

The popup experience
Brands, businesses or group collectives are granted access to our spaces for a short period. Depending on availability, popup durations can range from 1 day to 3 month. Each popup is uniquely considered and is paired with a marketing and media re-enforcement from the network at the Roger Smith Hotel.

The Corner at 47th and Lexington




The Window at 125 E. 47th St.

Popup Spaces are now available.
To book a popup, connect with me with your idea for a popup with preferable dates and a scope of your expectation of the experience.

John Knowles
Please include in the subject: Popup interest for the Market at the Roger Smith Hotel
The Roger Smith Hotel
501 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10017

Required deliverables
Each client is required to sign an occupancy agreement and contract as well as provide proof of insurance. Upon booking a popup a 50% deposit is required to secure the space.

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