For The Roger Smith Runners: Recomended New York City Jogging Routes



For you runners out there, we totally understand your predicament. You are coming to New York City. While traveling, your daily routine gets thrown out of whack and for the most part it is a refreshing change of tempo, but there are always small personal habits that need to be maintained to keep our bodies strong, souls in check and spirits high.

Of course, you can head to our local gym and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes but you are in NEW YORK CITY! Get out there, hit our pavements, explore the streets of this most inspirational, grand, utterly breathtaking city.

They say that New York is best seen on foot.

We agree.

Here is a list of blogs and websites with great running route suggestions.

If you need to purchase running shoes, Jack Rabbit is one of the best, most specialized stores and is a a few short blocks away

Phoebe Knowles, The Roger Smith’s VP, is a passionate runner and  recommends Central Park’s running routes for a scenic jog. And the added bonus is it’s only 12 blocks away!

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