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Pierre Henry Bor Paris  is a fashion brand made in France, created by a french couple: Pierre-Henry Bor the artistic director and Sarah Loss the studio director. The brand is in Manhattan showcasing their vegan and cruelty free collection as part of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). We sat down with the duo to chat about their collection and plans for NYFW. 

RS: Thank you for joining us, welcome back to New York! How did you two meet and when did you begin working together in the fashion industry? 

It’s great to be back! Sarah and I first met when we were studying at the same optical school 12 years ago.  Years later, when I was studying fashion at the Istituto Marangoni  Sarah decided to stop her optical job and join me as the studio director of our brand, Pierre-Henry Bor Paris.

Our brand is inspired by the casual and nonchalant blogger’s attitude.  Nonchalance is a very important theme for Pierre-Henry Bor, it reminds us of a very particular Parisian elegance. We also decided to do a vegan brand because we both share a love for animals and vegan clothing is underrepresented in the industry. 

RS: How does it feel to be back in the city? 

We are so happy to be back in NYC. We really enjoy every aspect of the city. In Paris, people are afraid of change; Americans will give you the chance to succeed if you work hard enough.When we first came to New York we were overwhelmed by the feeling that anything was possible. When NYFW invited us to present our collection this year, we were ecstatic and immediately accepted the opportunity to show off our new work. 


Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Where does your artistic influence come from? When did you start making clothing/why is it important to you to share your work with others?

I can be inspired by everything around me whether it’s by  architecture, embellishments or  attitude. Our collections celebrate the modern woman: strong, confident and driven towards a globally minded lifestyle. Paris is the perfect illustration of the brand because the monuments are huge and have small details like embroidery.

I have always had a strong desire to create. When I tested my creativity on fashion I couldn’t stop. I use fashion as a means of communication, to share my vision and technical progress. We are a vegan brand and hope to change the mindset of people in the industry through ethical design.


If you could define fashion in a couple words, what would they be and why? How would you define your own personal style?

For me, fashion is the reflection and translation of the world at every level. It’s the statement of a period, a time, and the crystallization of a moment. My style is a mix between different volumes and embellishments. Pierre-Henry Bor Paris is about the girl next door who has an effortless sense of style from streetwear to nightwear. 

Talk to us about your fashion line! What has been your most interesting piece to create? What has influenced your most recent designs?

When I create I like to imagine how a piece could be worn in different scenarios. I have always loved to create jackets because they are the best garment accessory; any outfit can be completed or spiced up with a jacket.

In this particular collection, I have been focused on reinterpreting classic button tabs with a twist of crazy Avant-garde elegance.  Our new accessories incorporate elements of  modernity, femininity, strength and refinement.


What are your plans for NYFW? What shows are you most excited to see/ are there any particular trends you’re excited to see come to life?

For NYFW this year we plan to meet a number of photographers, stylists, models, buyers and vegans! 

We are looking forward to seeing what is presented in the new collections of Dion Lee, Self Portrait, Victoria Beckham, and Coach. We are also excited to see the vegan and cruelty free trend comes to life; we hope to see the use of alternatives to fur and leather.

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