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How does one become a Sprinkle Connoisseur? Rachel Correra (@RCorrera), one of the most vibrant food Instagrammers in New York City, gained the title from posting a feed full of colorful desserts. She’s drawn a following of 28,000 passionate, interactive food lovers. Here are six food photography tips we gathered from our conversation.

1. Research the Best Dishes

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It’s helpful, Correra says, to consume all kinds of food media, such as Thrillist and The Infatuation. She also follows other food Instagrammers. “People are posting things like a pretty doughnut,” Correra says, “and then I instantly want to go there.”

2. Chase Looks over Taste

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“It’s almost completely visual for me,” Correra says, on how she chooses the food she shoots. “I’ve ordered things that I don’t even want to eat. As long as it catches my eye, like, Oh, my God! That’s a full piece of bacon on a donut. I’ve got to shoot that.

3. Let the Restaurants Know What You’re Up To

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Don’t be shy. Tell your server: “I’m going to take pictures of this. Can you make it as pretty as possible?” Correra admits that “it’s honestly pretty embarrassing! But at this point I barely care. A lot of places are happy to do it. They’re like, Okay, great. Free marketing!

4. Mess with the Food

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A common mistake among amateur foodies and Instagrammers is taking a quick snap, and relying on the kitchen’s plating. Correra, however, takes matters into her own hands. “If I want a burger to look right,” she explains, “I’ll take the bun off the top, scoop the burger part forward a bit, and move the lettuce so it sticks out at the top.”

5. Seek Out Natural Light

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“Lighting is the most important thing,” Correra says. “I take a lot of pictures of doughnuts and ice cream because they’re things that I can pick up and take outside. I also try to shoot during the day.”

6. Shoot Your Obsession

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Whether it’s doughnuts or dumplings or dragonfruit, when you find a food you love: Go all in. As her many followers know, Correra is a huge fan of doughnuts. “When I look through my feed, I notice that I shoot doughnuts all the time. It’s not even like I’m that crazy about them. I mean, they’re good, but they’re not my favorite. They’re just so pretty.”


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