Showcasing Some Smaller Museums in New York

Manhattan has a ton of museums – over 100 by our count. First-timers to New York City often pick out the table names, leaving many smaller ones overlooked. And yet they are just as interesting, while not taking as long to fully see so that you can fit them in with other activities to fill your day.


The Skyscraper Museum

Thursday to Saturday | 12pm to 6pm

39 Battery Place

Head here to learn the history of New York’s iconic skyline and get an inside look at the groundbreaking technology used to construct the behemoth buildings. Also, the current Supertall! exhibition explores the world’s tallest skyscrapers.


New York City Fire Museum

Wednesday to Sunday | 10pm to 5pm

278 Spring Street

Located in a renovated 1904 SoHo firehouse, this is the nation’s largest collection of firefighting memorabilia including tools, uniforms and engines dating back to the 1800s.


Rubin Museum of Art

Thursday to Sunday | 11am to 5pm

150 W 17th Street

This institution is devoted to the arts, culture and religion of the Himalayan region with a spiraling staircase that separates six floors of sculptures and paintings as well as the multisensory Mandela Lab.


The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Thursday to Saturday | 12pm to 5pm

58 West 129th Street

Explore the history of the genre from where it all started and stimulate your heart and mind to the musical masterpieces. The museum regularly hosts programs like Jazz for Curious Listeners and Harlem Speaks, an interview series with artists and prominent community figures.


Museum of the City of New York (MCNY)

Open seven days a week | 10am to 6pm

1220 5th Ave

Explore New York City’s rich and storied history through over one million items of photography and art dating back centuries with exhibitions covering an array of themes and time periods.


El Museo del Barrio

Thursday to Sunday | 11am to 5pm

1230 5th Ave

Just a one-minute walk from the MCNY is a wonderful showcase of Latin American and Caribbean artists. You and your family can also experience myriad events, including educational and community programs.