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It’s well understood that New Yorkers love coffee. Filtered, espresso, instant, in an IV—New Yorkers drink more coffee per capita than any other city in the US. But what’s often less acknowledged is their growing taste for tea. Here we spill the tea on where to get the best brew in NYC.

Tea & Sympathy


Image by @teaandsympathynyc

Tea & Sympathy is a proudly British restaurant and shop (selling popular British groceries and knick-knacks next door) located in Greenwich Village. The menu boasts all of the Queen’s favorite dishes: Shepherd’s Pie, Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Sticky Toffee Pudding, scones aplenty, and—of course—a generous serving of tea.

Tea & Sympathy; 108 Greenwich Ave.

Lady Mendl’s Salon


Image by @yukiimoony

If you’re looking for a pretty and piping-hot cup of tea, look no further than Lady Mendl’s Salon. Located in Gramercy Park, the Lady is cute, cosy and chic, draped with elaborate furnishing designed to transport you away from the chaos of the outside world.

Lady Mendl’s Salon; 56 Irving Pl.

Alice’s Tea Cup


Image by @alicesteacupnyc

With multiple locations spinning around Manhattan, it’s no surprise that Alice’s Tea Cup is a fan favorite among tea sippers everywhere. The extensive menu is matched with whimsical paintings and artwork that’ll be sure to keep the children entranced. Welcome to wonderland.

Alice’s Tea Cup; 102 W 73rd St.

Bosie Tea Parlor


Image by @bosieteaparlor

Bosie’s Tea Parlor is poised to let you enjoy the finer things in life. Their “no frills” approach to afternoon tea is observed with over one hundred hand-sourced and blended fine loose leaf teas, specialty hand-crafted macarons and a decadent assortment pastries.

Bosie Tea Parlor; 10 Morton St.

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