Why Winter is the Best Time to Experience Central Park



The city’s charms and enchantments glow brightest in the winter season. Somehow—in the brisk and frosty air—the city comes alive to soft lighting and the crunching of snow under boot. Much of this magic is noted in the city’s personal jungle: here’s why winter is the best time to experience Central Park.

Winter in Central Park


Sledding in Central Park.

Sledding in Central Park. Image by @gillianminiter via Instagram.

The combination of hefty snowfall and Central Park’s hilly terrain gives way to an old favorite winter activity: sledding. The two most popular sled-ready hills in the park are Pilgram Hill and Cedar Hill. Grab a sled, bundle up and head to the hills.

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A crowd-free grand Promenade in Central Park during the winter.

A crowd-free grand Promenade in Central Park during the winter. Image by pictures_of_newyork via Instagram.

We can tell you now that capturing the best picture will be high priority during your day in Central Park. Make it easy for yourself by enrolling in the park’s Photography Tour! The 2 and a half hour walking-workshop will help you hunt for the best image and sharpen your visual editing skills.

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The Marionette Theater in NYC in Central Park in winter.

The charming Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater. Image by @jedaiahjones via Instagram.

Cozy up to some charming performances at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater this winter time. Serving the park since 1947, the cottage has been favorite park destination for families looking to shelter away from the crisp outdoors.

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Ice Skating

Ice skating on Wollman Rink in Central Park.

Ice skating on Wollman Rink in Central Park. Image by @kaitvanhoff via Instagram.

Central Park is home to two of the city’s most beloved ice skating rinks. Wollman Rink, and further up north, Lasker Rink. Both offer incredible views of the park’s vibrant landscape as well as Manhattan’s most flourishing skyscrapers.

Check here for what each rink has to offer.

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