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Lobby  Bronze sculpture side view


Celebrate Local NYC Artists At Our Exhibitions & Events

Manhattan is home to a diverse and vibrant artistic community, and the cultural program at The Roger Smith Hotel has been celebrating local artists for over 30 years. Fundamental to the soul and identity of our hotel, we offer exhibitions and cultural events in our lobby and Lily’s Bar throughout the year. 

Creative & Curious

At its core, the cultural program at the Roger Smith is based on the idea that our boutique hotel on Lexington Ave NYC is a home to a community of creative people and curious travelers. Learn more about us on our blog.

NYC Celebrates Pride: Where to Honor NYC’s LGBT History

In NYC, Pride is way more than a cacophony of color marching down Fifth Avenue. For decades, certain neighborhoods within the city—Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen—have provided safer haven to those looking to live and love in accordance with their personal truth. Visit one of these places this month to celebrate our nation’s progress, and engage in critical conversations about what’s to come in the continuing fight for LGBTQ+ equality

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Surprising Places to Find Art in New York

When vacationing in NYC, it’s generally wise to plan out your trip—get tickets to a couple of shows, rank your priority museums, book your meals. If you happen to be more of a spontaneous traveler, however, the city can easily accommodate you. There’s art and culture to be found all over the city. You simply have to keep your wits about you and know where to look. Here, we divulge four surprising places to find beautiful art in New York.

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Interview with Street Artist Jason Naylor

Jason Naylor is a street artist, prolific and instantly recognizable, his work wholeheartedly uplifts the streets of New York and beyond. We offered Jason the walls of Lily’s, our ground floor bar, with the knowledge it’s not his usual ‘beat’ but he is also a man who is game for a new challenge. We are thrilled that Jason brought is positive energy and vibrant vision to Roger Smith!

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