Brooklyn Cartoonists and Illustrators Exhibit at Roger Smith

Brooklyn Cartoonists and Illustrators
Curated by David Ostow
On Show 1.25.17 – 5.10.17 
The Lobby at The Roger Smith Hotel
Exhibition Opening: March 30th 2017 6:30-8:30pm

Annelise Caposella – Wizard Skull – Kaitlin Rae O’Connor – David Ostow – Ellis Rose – Tony Wolf – Lucio Zago – Jeremy Nguyen


The Roger Smith Hotel is pleased to present Brooklyn Cartoonists and Illustrators, a selection of works by Brooklyn based cartoonists and illustrators. This exhibition will run from January 25th – May 10th in the Lobby of The Roger Smith Hotel at 501 Lexington Avenue.

It’s been said that Brooklyn is the heart of today’s NYC art scene and the borough’s fashionability has been the source of no small amount of commentary, debate, jest and outright derision.

It’s often the artists themselves that have the most to say, not just about Brooklyn, but about New York in general and the complexities of contemporary urban life.  This exhibit showcases a sampling of artists using the media of cartooning and illustration to ­­comment on their own experiences.
A brief but important note:  it would be impossible in a show this size (or even a much larger one) to encompass the variety of talent, working methods, opinions and beliefs of all the artists whose work comprises the diverse Brooklyn cartooning and illustration community.   This show captures the work of a group of peers gratefully occupying a small corner of this mind-blowingly large and energetic scene.

-David Ostow (Curator), 2017

David Ostow studied art history and then architecture but currently works as a cartoonist (and now a curator apparently!).  His work has appeared online and in print at outlets and publications such as Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and the New York Times. David lives in Brooklyn, an area lousy with talented cartoonists and illustrators, some of whom have work on display here in this lobby!

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Image Credit: Lucio Zago

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